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Fit for your

special day

Every bride deserves a beautifully fit wedding dress. Whether it be lace, beading or classic drapery, your dress can be adjusted to perfectly compliment you!

Pricing is determined based on adjustments needed as well as the style of dress and any extra materials.

A chart has been provided at the bottom of the page giving rough estimates for alterations by type.   


An extra touch

Custom embroidered brooches and patches can add a special touch to your bridal dress. Each is one of a kind and designed with you in mind, using classic French embroidery techniques.

Brooches also come with a complimentary display frame so you can always keep a reminder of your  wedding day.

All prices are estimated and subject to change based on style, materials and techniques required. 

Alteration pricing


Bridal Hem




Bridesmaid Hem

Side seam adjustments: $48- $56

Adjustments through zipper: $48- $58

Re- shape neckline: $60

Shorten bodice with zipper/closure: $30 per hour

Add bra cups: priced per gown

Raise shoulders: $38

Adjust sleeve length, tapering: $35

Shoulder adjustments with sleeves: $58

Shorten straps: $27

Beading/re-beading/lace work: $30 per hour

Cut edge: $55 per layer

Rolled hem: $65 per layer

Hair braid with or without casing: $80- $105

Lining, rolled hem: $50

Lace hem: $155

Shorten from waist and re-shape skirt: $225

Remove train, plain: $30 per layer

Remover train, lace: $50 per layer

Bustle: $20- $60 depending on style and fabric, discussed during fitting

Shoulder length (19"- 23"): $45

Waist/ elbow (24"- 31"): $60

Fingertip (32"- 48"): $90

Ballet/ waltz (49"- 71"): $110

Sweep (72"- 87"): $130

Chapel (88"- 105"): $150

Cathedral (106"- 126"): $165

Embellishments: $30 per hour

Shorten veil: $42

Bodice fit adjustments: $35- $50

Re- shape neckline: $45

Armhole adjustments: $25- $35

Raise shoulders: $32

Shorten straps: $25

Side seam skirt adjustments: $20 per layer

Creating sleeve, straps, etc: $30 per hour

Chiffon rolled hem: $50 per layer

Lining: $25

Main and lining enclosed: $70

Main and lining with braid: $85

Shorten at waist, re- shape skirt: $100

Open or close slit: $25 per layer

Brooches and custom embroideries begin at $75 a piece with price subject to change depending on design, size and materials.

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